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Yunaorange Tonic RGP (For Flowring and Fruit Stage)
Once the Crop or plant reaches on reproductive stage, it again needs some extra natural power to produce good crop, fruit, veg, flower, on this stage Yunaorange RGP plays a vital role to get excellent results.
Direction for use & Dilution (in water):
Add RGP 10 ml. in 1 litre of water, for spraying purpose
For General Pants : 1st spray-At onset of flowering.
2nd spray-At fruit setting stage.
3rd spray-At fruit maturing stage.
bottle RGP
Vermiwash, Micro Nutrients, Plant growth hormones and minerals extracted from natural source.
Composition: pH-4.31, N-10.2%, P-0.75%, K-0.26%, S-0.056%, B-0.032%
Storage Information
Store in a cool and dark place. Keep out of reach of children.
Declaration: Organic growth promoter. No chemicals are used in the production process.
Although Yuna-O'range RGP is NON-HAZARDOUS it is recommended that normal precautions on handling the neat product should be odserved i.e. wear gloves and goggles to prevent skin and soft cavity sensitisation.
tonic RGP
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