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Yunaorange Terminator (Decomposer Cum Deodorizer)
This excellent formulation developed using biotechnology, is very effective in De-odorizing any type of bad smell, such as dead animal, city waste, urinals, food processing waste, any pharmacy drainage, sewerage pipe lines, human operated waste, dye or printing waste drainage, vegetable market waste , chiken mutton and fish maket waste, poultry farm bad smell etc.
Direction for use & Dilution (in water):
Mix 1liter of TERMINATOR with 20 liters of water and spray on waste. The spray should be in such a way that it covers the surface area uniformly. Use slow delivery mechanism or sprinklers for spraying on sewage water.
fermentation product of plant extracts, vermiwash and cow urine.
How it works:
TERMINATOR contains biologically active ingredients which suppress an-aerobic decomposition and promotes aerobic decomposition. The equilibrium state soon shifts towards aerobic micro-organisms and thus checks foul smell producing gases.
bottle terminator
Storage Information
Avoid spraying under hot sun. Shake well before use. Not for human consumption.
Although Yuna-O'range TERMINATOR is NON-HAZARDOUS it is recommended that normal precautions on handling the neat product should be odserved i.e. wear gloves and goggles to prevent skin and soft cavity sensitisation.
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