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Company History
The core biotechnology of Yuna-O’range is the use of complex compounds which have been developed by a team of scientists.

The key ingredients are flavonoids that are extracted through a specialised process from citrus fruits. The extracted bioflavonoids are combined with a number of natural acids (from fruit and vegetable origins) to produce the core active substances which have a proven broad spectrum efficacy against harmful micro-organisms, fungi and parasites.

More recently other Botanical extracts have been successfully evaluated which now gives a huge potential for application in anti-viral and anti-parasitic activity.

Made by Flavonoids
Technology Benefits:
  • All naturally derived compounds (Flavonoids)
  • Broad spectrum of anti-microbial activity: gram positive and gram negative bacteria, viruses, moulds, yeast and fungi
  • Powerful natural anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Breaks down biofilm to reach pathogenic organisms
  • Non-hazardous to operators and the environment: non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, non-mutagenic, non-allergenic and non-corrosive
  • Dermatologically tested – suitable for use on sensitive skin
  • Non-tainting and do not change the flavour of any food or produce
  • Odourless and colourless (at specified concentration)
  • Stable even when exposed to light and non-volatile
  • Effective even in the presence of organic matter
  • Fast acting with long residual effect
  • Unique action – destruction of micro-organism cell wall