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Yunaorange Shield (For Pests & Insects)
Each crop and plant has a threat from various insects – Yunaorange shield gives excellent shield against various types of insects and protect the crop / plant.
Direction for use & Dilution (in water):
Add Shield 10 ml in litre of water and spray on plants. Mix 2-3 litre butter milk in the solution for better results.
1st Spray: At onset of pest attack. Repeat spray in 15 days.
Can be used as a probiotic or to give symptomatic relief to infected plants.
bottle shield
Plant extract of Tephrosia, Aloe, Perries, Quassia, Eucalytus, Gliricidia. Indian Pivet, Ryania, Ipomea, Tinospora & Basil in cow urine base.
Shield works as an Anti-feedant for sucking and chewing pests, damages reproductive system of egg laying insects and has immediate contact and knockdown action on flying insects.
Storage Information
Store in a cool and dark place. Keep out of reach of children.
Declaration: Cow urine based pest repellant. No chemicals are used in the production process. It does not leave any residual effect after application.
Although Yuna-O'range SHIELD is NON-HAZARDOUS it is recommended that normal precautions in handling the neat product should be odserved i.e. wear gloves and goggles to prevent skin and soft cavity sensitisation.
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