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Yunaorange Holi Feed
Even plant needs a complete and balance diet for themselves, Yunaorange Holi feed is Holistic fertilizer made of cow dunk, leaves, peels, minerals, de oil neem cake and herbs.
Recommended for use in:
Seasonal Flowers, House Plants, Lotus Pool, Cactus, Succulents, Bonsai, Lawns, etc.
Direction for use:
Apply Yunaorange Holi Feed to the soil, around the plant area and mix with soil before watering.
Recommended Dosage:
Apply 50 Grams per sq. ft. or per pot at any stage of plant growth for good results. Repeat the same Dose if necessary after 15 days.
Storage Advice:
The product contains 15-25% moisture. Store in a cool dark place.
yuna feed
No other plant food is required with Yunaorange Holi Feed
Taking into consideration the requirement of gardening, utmost care has been taken to ensure that the plant gets all the nutrients in balanced quantities for better growth and improved flowering. Yunaorange Holi Feed gives perfect shaped flowers, more sparking colors and long shelf life. It has been proved that use of Yunaorange Holi Feed results in healthy plantation and bumper flowering throughout the season. The use of Yunaorange Holi Feed also ensures relative freedom form pests, diseases and fungus attack.
An Advanced Agri-Biotechnology Product
Yunaorange Holi Feed is 100% pure natural product and is certified for organic application. It is completely free from city waste materials.
Yunaorange Holi Feed is an outcome of research carried out for over 10 years by world renowned scientists.
Yunaorange Holi Feed is an excellent soil conditioner. It nourishes the soil and encourages healthy and robust growth of plants and flowers. Regular use of Yunaorange Holi Feed increases resistance of plants to diseases and drought (Dry Spell), and adds HUMUS and ORGANIC MATTER to the soil in a balanced manner.

Yunaorange Holi Feed
Garden Nutrition
100% Natural
An Advanced Agri-Biotechnology Product
Yunaorange Holi Feed is made by vermiculture process utilizing animal drug, de-oiled cake of Neem, herbs and many carefully selected microbes. It works as plant growth  regulator, fixes nitrogen, solubilizes phosphorous and produces anti fungal properties in the soil, through biological processes.