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Farming and agriculture are just like dealing with human beings, these two activities have few basic things common since plants have a life too. We at aayam herbal understand this quite well and take care of your farm produce from Soil to fruit, flower, grains, or pulses. We have very effective range of 6 different products from treating your soil and nourishing it, protect seed at the time of sowing and its growth, protection of nursery level plants and their growth, Saving crops, plant and tree from various diseases, and above all treating plants from various viral and other disease...

Yunaorange Tonic PGP

All type of seeds need a protection from insects and germs, Yunaorange Productive growth and production helps seed to protect from insects and also provide adequate power to grow naturally with out any harm....
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Yunaorange Tonic RGP

Once the Crop or plant reaches on reproductive stage, it again needs some extra natural power to produce good crop, fruit, veg , flower , on this stage Yunaorange RGP plays a vital role to get excellent results...
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Yunaorange Shield

Each crop and plant has a threat from various insects – Yunaorange shield gives excellent shield against various types of insects and protect the crop / plant.
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Yunaorange Healer

Each crop and plant are vulnerable to all sorts of fungal and other infections, Yunaorange Healer – is proven to be very effective in almost all types of such problems...
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Yunaorange Holi Feed

Even plant needs a complete and balance diet for themselves, Yunaorange Holi feed is Holistic fertilizer made of cow dunk, leaves, peels, minerals, de oil neem cake and herbs...
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