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Are Yuna-O’range products certified organic?
All Yuna-O’range products are made from natural extracts or naturally derived compounds. Some of them are permitted for use in organic production (e.g.: fruit & vegetable decontaminant) or certified organic (e.g.: pre-harvest treatment products). The list of organic certifications is continuously increasing following Yuna-O’range development in new markets.
Are the Yuna-O’range derivatives approved for use?
All of Yuna-O’range derivatives end uses have been fully proven by trials carried out by independent organisations and laboratories worldwide. As a result formal certification of the acceptability and suitability of the Yuna-O’range derivatives has been received from many potential bodies.Local regulations should always be consulted concerning the status of a specific product, as legislation regarding its use may vary from country to country.
Are the Yuna-O’range derivatives expensive to use?
This is a vital question for the commercial user, and the answer is a positive “NO”. They are effective in very low concentration (in water) and we can provide detailed information showing their overall economy in use for many specific cases.
Can Yuna-O’range derivatives be used in combination with chemicals?
Yuna-O’range product efficacy can be inhibited by mixing them with chemicals like chlorinated products, chemically based pesticides or parabens. The objective is to totally replace these chemicals, with a product showing the same efficacy but totally natural and non-toxic.
In what forms are the Yuna-O’range derivatives available?
Generally the Yuna-O’range derivatives are available as concentrated liquids for use after dilution. In this form they are used for general cleaning and sanitisation, foam cleaning, terminal rinses in food applications, tray washes, water additives and hard surface cleaners. However for user convenience the derivatives are also made in other forms such as soaps, foam, gel, wax, wipes and they may be used for applications by spraying, misting or fogging.
What is the effective pH range of Yuna-O’range derivatives?
Yuna-O’range actives show better efficiency in low range of pH (2-5). The lower the pH, the better the efficacy.
What is unique about Yuna-O’range technology?
All the Yuna-O’range derivatives are completely non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, non-corrosive, and non-tainting in use. They can actually be added to foodstuffs. They are formed by the bioflavonoid extracts and a range of completely natural organic acids, this combination having highly synergistic effects in all their many applications.