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Are Yuna-O’range products certified organic?
Are the Yuna-O’range derivatives approved for use?
Are the Yuna-O’range derivatives expensive to use?
Can Yuna-O’range derivatives be used in combination with chemicals?
In what forms are the Yuna-O’range derivatives available?
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On new "Microsoft Word" page and provide the relevant information of your product. So that we can put it for appropriate suggestion to our technologist to give you appropriate solution, Without any obligation.
  1. What Product is to be treated?
    a) Physical, chemical and microbial analysis should be provided
  2. What are the storage conditions (temperature, humidity, cool room, outdoor, etc)?
  3. What volume of produce treated per day or per month?
  4. What pathogenic or spoilage germs to address?
  5. What agent/process is currently used
    a) Heat, UV, conventional preservative, etc
    b) Provide flowchart of production including processing parameters
  6. What packing is used? Are they sanitised?
  7. Raw materials: are they contaminated? How much?
  8. Objective of the treatment:
    a) Extend shelf life? How long? What is current shelf life?
    b) Clean labeling ("no preservative")?
    c) Other
  9. Conventional or Organic processing?
  10. Any indication of the cost-in-use using current products?
  11. What kind of trial is going to take place:
    a) Lab/ Small scale/ factory scale?
    b) Expected duration?
  12. Who is in charge of the trial?
  13. Local sales and / or export?
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