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Company History
compnay history
Mr. Rohit Kumar Vohra ( Ex - Senior manager - Dabur ayurvedic specialties limited till 1997 ) Established AHRI in 1998 to produce self researched Herbal and ayurvedic products, first flagship product is Yunadent (curative tooth powder and paste) available on 12500 shops in Northern India. Since 2006 company diversified in Organic business, as non perishable processor. In Oct 2009, company further diversified in business of Flavonoid based "Organic (Natural) Preservative and sanitizers" call YUNA- O’RANGE , Suitable for Dairy, food processing, bakery, meat processing, health cum hygiene, cosmetics, neutraceuticals, ayurvedic and pharmaceuticals Industries. We provide solutions to all above industries after understanding the production flow charts.

about us
Yuna-O’range technology is based on intensive research using botanical extracts by Mr Ian Ripley, dates back to 1930’s when Nobel Prize winning Dr Szent-Gyorgyi investigated effects achieved using botanical extracts particularly bioflavonoids.

The origins of our principal is, in Middlesbrough, UK date from 1995 with the aim of providing unique “green” chemistry systems from bioflavonoid extracts. The Yuna-O’range’s range includes novel products that address the growing consumer demand for the replacement of synthetic based formulations, with natural ones, for use in cleaning and sanitising operations.

Following major technical and commercial breakthroughs we are proud to confirm that all our products are tested to stringent British Standard protocols, with proven efficiency against bacteria, antibiotic resistant bacteria, moulds, yeasts, and fungi. At the centre of our multi-component technology is the view that in such a multi-faceted environment pathogens would be less likely to mutate. Our Product’s outstanding achievements include the replacement of chlorine, caustic based cleaners / sanitisers, pesticides and antibiotics, with more healthy and safe eco-friendly products.